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You may have been wondering (but probably not) why there wasn’t a Christmas post with some of my favorite music videos, as has been my wont for the last four years. Sometime between when I left for work last Wednesday and when I got home the video component of the Univac machine lapsed into a coma and the screen would not light up. I have confessed numerous times that I’m a total incompetent when it comes to all things electronic-related. For three days the black screen just stared, mocking my pain. The internet is my only connection to world events and I seemed to have been as addicted to it as many are to their stupid cell phones.

Friday a co-worker brought me a spare monitor he had and after a beautiful Christmas dinner I pressed my stepson into service connecting it to my erstwhile unit. Nothing happened. So he reconnected my old monitor and lo and behold, it started working. He fiddled with the mouse and said that may have been the problem. Saturday as I dressed for work dW came in to check her Facebook page, since it’s the only thing she does to keep up with her family. After about 10 minutes it crashed. I have no clue what an AMD driver is, but they stopped working. It will happen again.

I priced new computer towers and they are extremely expensive and all now use Windows 10 as an operating system, which I want no part of. The only recourse is to get a refurbished unit with Windows 7 installed and keep it as a backup. Otherwise my life with the internet will come to an end when this machine breathes its last, since I don’t have a tech guy anymore. I managed three days without committing a felony and developed a deep appreciation for cable television. Since my illness three years ago I’ve been living on borrowed time and my relationship with the interwebs is in the same condition.











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There were no hypocrites in these pews!

2015_12 20 Fil flooded Mass

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For want of a uterus …

… 57 million American lives have been lost.

ABORTION 2015_12 Newsweek

A pro-abortion writer for Elle magazine reported she was “flabbergasted” that Newsweek used a photo of what she called a “well-developed, relatively late-term fetus” for their cover.

According to her, first trimester fetuses (when most abortions are performed) don’t look so much like real babies, rendering this looks-like-a-baby photo an unacceptable piece of agitprop in the abortion debate.

ag·it·prop = agitate + propaganda

She’s right that most abortions are performed at or before the age of the fetus on the cover of Newsweek.  However, her use of the phrase “relatively late-term” is itself an example of agitprop.

  • By definition, a “late-term” fetus is in the second half of its 38-week uterine stay. I.e., at or after 19-weeks gestation.
  • The Newsweek photograph is of a 12-weeks fetus.

Human gestation lasts 38 weeks from conception to birth. Pregnancy is dated from the first day of a woman’s Last Menstrual Period (LMP). Ovulation generally occurs around 14 days after LMP. A ripe egg only survives about one day after being released from its ovary; during the first 2 weeks of a woman’s “40-week pregnancy”, she was not pregnant yet.

  • The 12-week fetus in the Newsweek photograph was inside a 14-weeks pregnant woman.

Riddle me this, Pro-Aborts:  If an unborn person’s age, race, gender, disability, appearance, or inconvenient place of residence gives you the right to end his or her life, then what basis do you have for demanding that you have any right to life?

ABORTION might does not make right


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Christmas Update on Blogger Freedom1781’s Husband’s Injuries

Back in November, I wrote here and at my blog about one of our blogger friends whose husband needed prayers after a tragic and life-threatening fall.  He had been helping a neighbor on a high roof under wet conditions and slid off with such speed that he destroyed their safety measures on the way down, sustaining critical injuries to his spine, pelvis and one arm.

Many people commented that they would pray for Freedom1781’s husband, and I’m happy to report very good news.  He not only has made great progress in his recovery, but he reports tremendous encouragement and gratitude for your prayers.  He also claims that he’s been aware of many apparently miraculous developments which have helped him on the very difficult road to recovery.  He attributes these to the prayers of family and friends, and he insists that I pass along his thanks to those of you who have prayed for him.  So, thanks to YOU!


Gruntessa and I had the chance in early December to visit their family, since I work frequently in coastal Virginia, where they live.  At that time, he had just been released from the hospital from the first round of surgeries and rehabilitation.  He was in a lot of pain, but he also was suffering from severe cabin fever, so he desperately wanted to visit the Busch Garden’s Christmas Town in Williamsburg with his young daughter and wife.  He could get around in a wheelchair with a lot of help, so we made it happen, and he managed to make it through an entire loop of all the world villages decorated with 8 million lights for Christmas.


One of the highlights of the tour was attending the show, Gloria!, which is a musical stage act of the nativity of Christ.  If you’ve never been, the Busch family still puts on a very Christ-centered Christmas celebration without any political correctness within a few hundred miles of Washington, DC, and that is quite an amazing thing!

Christmas Town

But the best news came just this week, when we found out that Mr. Freedom1781’s hip socket was growing back well enough that the next surgery would attempt a reconstruction rather than a total hip replacement.  The replacement was originally thought necessary because this was a traumatic injury in which his femur punched completely through his pelvis on impact, destroying the joint.  But now, there is hope for a near total recovery.  Thanks for the prayers, Folks!


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Silly Stuff

Wind chill

Tiny Tots with eyes aglow

cat nuts

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We are royalty in God’s kingdom

My gold crown

We are Sons and Daughters of the King [2:19]

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Workers of Mercy

NOT Racism - tie

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