We need serious people for serious problems

Stilton Jarlsberg had a thoughtful commentary about finding the middle ground between Obama’s head in the sand policies and the exploding head diatribes of Donald Trump.

“There is room – and necessity – for our nation to find the middle ground between Barack Hussein Obama’s denials and Donald Trump’s bellicose bombast. It is time – indeed, well past time – for all of this to be dealt with seriously, by serious people.

“A personal sidebar: today, I had lunch in a McDonald’s which is very near a large mosque in our neighborhood. It wasn’t crowded inside, and I took note of the other people who were there. The staffers behind the counter were happily speaking to each other in Spanish. A woman wearing a headscarf was eating and looking at a video on her computer (I admit it – I looked to see if it was a “how to” on building “clocks,” but it appeared to be a soap opera). Nearby, two Asian men chatted in what I presume was Chinese. And the McDonald’s itself was nicely decorated for Christmas (by name) and, despite being next door to a mosque, advertising the distinctly non-Halal McRib.

“As we were leaving, I held the door for a young mother wearing a head scarf as she entered while Mrs. Jarlsberg helped guide the woman’s baby stroller through the door. The woman smiled and thanked us.

“There’s no big punchline to this story, other than that everyone was getting along just fine. At a McDonald’s. And it made me wish that we could all take a deep breath and turn down the nonsensical rhetoric a bit on both sides. Not closing our eyes to very real dangers; just remembering that keeping our eyes open should have rewards which go beyond surveillance.”

Pistol Pete posted an awesome collection of news video clips about RCOTUS’s Sunday Oval Office speech @ https://polination.wordpress.com/2015/12/08/when-the-romance-cools/. I grabbed this screenshot from one of them.

2015_10 Does Obama have clear plan ISIS poll

I caught these two on Facebook:

Leading from Behind: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton [2:16]

CNN: ISIS will laugh at Obama’s oval office speech [2:55]

You know who they didn’t laugh at? George W. Bush. He was a serious man who handled the serious GWOT problem with prayerful leadership. He made tough decisions and dealt with the inevitable criticisms gracefully. In the end, we won the War in Iraq.  Then, President Kumbaya swanned into office, removed our troops prematurely, and handed the whole region over to ISIS.

2015 Bush v Obama IRAQ



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2 responses to “We need serious people for serious problems

  1. I hate Obama with the passion of a thousand suns, but I think a good case can be made that Bush was the one who destabilized the region. Saddam was a dictator, but he was OUR dictator. And especially considering that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, another case could be made that Dubya had some Machievellian design to one-up Daddy by resurrecting Operation Desert Storm, for no immediately compelling reason.

    Nobody remembers this, but the day immediately before 9/11 (which, come to think of it, musta been 9/10) Rumsfeld held a press conference saying they’d lost a billion dollars in Iraq. A BILLION dollars. Dubya’s war only looks well-managed in contrast to the bumbling clusterf*** that followed him.

    Bush was a horrible president, second worst in my lifetime (yes, I even put him below Carter). He loved America, but in what way does that qualify one for the Oval Office?

    And to which Trump “exploding head diatribes” are we referring? That Mexicans are rapists? Ann Coulter has already presented chapter and verse on those crime stats. That we should suspend Muslim immigration, much like Jimmy Carter banned the Iranians? That we should build a wall, or demand better deals from China and Iran? That Jeb’s “low energy” or Hillary doesn’t have the “strength or stamina” for the job?

    I don’t know, that all sounds pretty reasonable to me. If you have any misconception that Islam is actually a religion rather than a murderous political system hiding behind Allah’s apron strings, then you haven’t visited Wikipedia’s chronological list of Muslim atrocities, sadly updated daily.

    Meanwhile, has Trump advocated slaughtering millions of unborn? Or using tax dollars to pay for Sex Reassignment Surgery? Or “free” college for all? Or “Islam is a religion of peace?” Love you and this website, Chrissy, but you may be looking in the wrong area for exploding head diatribes. Trump seems like the sanest one running.

    Let’s not get sucked into the Full Court Press our primary enemies, the GOPe, has instituted on the one guy who at least claims he’ll kick em all to the curb.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      My kids served in Iraq. The war they saw from the ground was not the one that got reported in the United States.