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Pray and be carriers of peace and hope


Our Lady of Medjugorje, Queen of Peace, Message for November 25, 2015

“Dear children! Today I am calling all of you: pray for my intentions. Peace is in danger, therefore, little children, pray and be carriers of peace and hope in this restless world where Satan is attacking and tempting in every way. Little children, be firm in prayer and courageous in faith. I am with you and intercede before my Son Jesus for all of you. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

AGNUS DEI – Sacred Choral Music – The Choir of New College, Oxford [1:12:33]

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Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving from Casa Pistol.

Lib Rag HuffPo Compares The Pilgrims To Muslim “Refugees”

I don’t recall any stories about the pilgrims self-detonating.

Ruining holidays since 2009

You can’t just have a nice family gathering. No. You have to command your Kool-Aid-Drinking O-Bots to descend on the holiday table like a bunch of locusts and turn a pleasant meal into a contentious episode of Point/Counter-Point.

But that’s Organizing for America. Ruining holidays since 2009.


Gee, who could have seen this coming… Barack Obama welcomed French President Francois Hollande to the White House today. During their joint press conference Obama made the tragedy all about him – kissing Michelle.

“By my bed in the residence is a picture of me and Michelle in Luxembourg Gardens. Kissing. Those are the memories we have of Paris.”








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Thanksgiving is far and away the heaviest day in the newspaper delivery business. It is an ode to our unexpurgated greed, as we give thanks for our blessings just before we push and shove to get an iPad that’s on sale for cheap. The Chicago Tribunes I deliver will have about 1200 pages, including the news and the sale ads. This will be my fourth year and I still dread it. To top it off, I started coming down sick Monday and it’s gotten progressively worse. There is every possibility DW will make the trek to her daughter’s house for the holiday while I dine on chicken soup. I’ll just have my turkey and stuffing when I no longer feel like 10 pounds of Durbin in a one pound bag.

I’m posting a couple seasonal images. I can do at least that much without messing it up.








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Worth Pondering



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MOVIE: Strange Magic

MOVIE Strange Magic

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The Wages of Stupidity

2014122707putin-pThat would be: Humiliation and Death, in that order.  Let’s not be naive, America.  We will get both those things, in our turn, as the direct result of our stupidity in bringing our current leadership to power.  Right now, Europe and Syria are experiencing most of the death, but our fate has already been sealed.

Today marked a huge step forward in that direction.  We already have enough ISIS sympathizers who hate America within the borders of our country to guarantee that more of our buildings will fall and more blood will be spilt on our soil by “Allahu Akbar”-shouting retards.  We are already in a de facto war with China – one made worse every day as our President sends B-52s (of all things, the planes that deliver nuclear ordnance) over China’s man-made islands for some inscrutable reason or no reason at all.  We will soon find ourselves in a not-so-cold war with Russia because of our insane actions in the Middle East.  Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge points out why today’s events are much more than a conflict between Moscow and Ankara:

So just to be clear on what’s happened here in case the gravity of the situation is somehow lost on anyone, a NATO member from whose airbase the US is flying combat missions, just shot down a Russian fighter jet and the US-backed, al-Qaeda aligned FSA has released not one, but two videos depicting their fighters dancing over the body of a dead Russian pilot while shouting “Allahu Akbar” and holding up the “we’re number one” hand signal.

But that’s not all.  Mere hours from when these disgusting videos were released by our “allies” and probably viewed repeatedly by Putin until he could shoot blood out of his eyes, Syrian rebels shot down a Russian helicopter using a US-made missile that we gave them.

Meanwhile the man who has got us into this mess is crowing about going forward with a climate change summit in Paris, as if that will save the world.  He should probably pay some attention to those who are calling today a Sarajevo Moment of the Next World War.  We have more to fear now than just pegging the absurdity meter in our national dialogue.  We have wages to collect, Brothers and Sisters.  Not because we’re evil.  We’re not.  It’s because we’re stupid.


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When COMPASSION is unhinged from PRUDENCE, it becomes DANGEROUS.

The Islamic State (ISIS) has made no secret of its intention to infiltrate refugee groups and several U.S. intelligence experts and officials have admitted that there is no effective vetting system.

Individual Muslim refugees may be good and peaceful people, but their culture inclines toward intolerance and violence.

  • In European refugee camps, Christian refugees have had to be taken to separate facilities because of repeated attacks on them by Muslim refugees.
  • After the Paris attacks, someone tried to hold an anti-jihad rally. Only 30 Muslims showed up.
  • At a soccer game, a moment of silence for the Paris victims was disrupted by people booing and yelling “Allahu Akbar.”
  • After the 9/11 attacks, Palestinian Muslims danced in the streets in celebration.

Sadly, I believe we are long past the point of having a government capable of crafting and enforcing a prudent immigration policy.

Even worse, since our borders have been leaking for years, I believe many jihadist sleeper cells are already in place here and abroad, awaiting the “go” order to inflict massive damage.

2015_11 23 Travel advisory

How can anyone be safe?

Believe in Jesus!

Jesus’ Jewish name, YESHUAH, means SAVIOR. 

Jesus asks each of us, “I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?” – John 11:25-26

Say, “Yes, Lord, I believe.” It is the only way to be truly safe.


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Because the Democratic Party is NOT helping

Arizona Democratic State Senator Carlyle Begay is leaving the Democratic Party and becoming a Republican. Senator Begay is a Navajo Indian and represents an area of Arizona which encompasses the Navajo and Hopi reservations.

Begay told the Arizona Republican, “the Republican Party better reflects the values of self-determination and self-empowerment that he holds and wants to emphasize to his district.”

Carlyle Begay: Change Must Happen Now [1:56]



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The World Today

2015_10 Imagine if you will

Nov 21, 2015 – Judge Jeanine Rips Obama: ‘His Sarcasm Is Dripping, He Mocks Us, He Talks Down to Us’

2015_11 19 Gowdy what I'm afraid of

May 20, 2015 – Failure of Intelligence: How Liberals Cause ISIS Terror Attacks

2015_11 16 HuffPo agrees re climate change

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Once upon a time, long, long ago, we had a president who actually cared about the welfare of this countries’ citizens. He did not seek to make friends with the enemy, nor try to understand why they wanted to harm us. He just knew that to win a war you kill people and break things. Our culture has now become infested with the disease of political correctness. Say what you will about Nixon, Ford, GHW Bush, Clinton (sort of), and W. None of them showed such brazen contempt for Americans. Obama sees his real enemy as whites, republicans, and Christians. He equates the holy crusades from 1200 years ago with the barbarity of the killers he just can’t bring himself to hate. Then he tells Christians to “get off their high horse.” He tried to talk tough yesterday, saying we would kill their leaders and ‘contain’ ISIS. How do you contain them? You don’t. He prefers to pick on soft targets like straight Christian males and phony climate change, which can never be proven. It is a bizarro world, indeed, when the dictator of Russia can rally Americans when our president refuses to.

Russian PM Medvedev: ISIS Is Strong, and It’s Your Fault, Barack

If actions speak louder than words, maybe the American public should get a hearing test, because Barack Obama’s actions have begun to draw some serious accusations from around the world, and the public has been slow to acknowledge the gravity of it. The President has recently been blamed from several sides for no less than the very existence of ISIS, for its robustness, for actively protecting them and for importing them to the US. This is unprecedented territory

[He] Vows to employ “every aspect of American power” to destroy the non-islamic “killers with good social media” that you needn’t worry about because they’re a fantastic nothingburger of importance standing on the wrong side of history and we have better ideas. Also being afraid that they might murder our children only encourages them to murder our children so let’s take a breath and remain true to the values we all hold dear, kiss the rattlesnakes on the lips and ignore the occasional setbacks.




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