Climate Change Made Them Do It!

2015_11 29 Climate protesters trash Paris victim meml

President Obama and Bernie Sanders are SURE that violence is due to climate change, NOT to one’s ideology … unless it’s violence they can blame on right-wing ideologies, in which case it totally is due to ideology. Or possibly a YouTube video.

So it’s OBVIOUS it was climate change that inspired these protesters to commit totally senseless vandalism, right?  Except, the climate hasn’t changed in about 18 years.  Plus, France’s President Hollande said, “these disruptive elements have nothing to do with defenders of the environment”, even though they said they were protesting to defend the environment.

So it’s OBVIOUS it’s just like Muslim terrorists and how their violence has nothing to do with Islam, even though they yell “Allahu Akbar” while they’re shooting Christians in the face.

Ideology has NOTHING to do with violence, right?!

Except that the Colorado Springs shooter was probably, maybe, possibly motivated by the CMP videos. And even if he wasn’t, he could have been and that PROVES anti-choicers are ALL VIOLENT WHACK JOBS!  Every last one of them!



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4 responses to “Climate Change Made Them Do It!

  1. Q: What does every single protest picture from every protest around the world and across the decades have in common?

    A: Men age 18-28.

    Would it be reactionary to propose gender-specific cages till their testosterone drops to civilly acceptable levels? That, or expand our Cheap Hooker Program (CHP)™ to burn off some of this relentless urge to rampage.

    I don’t want to trash young men, but young men want to trash … well, everything. In the good old days a raging libido was a useful component in a foxhole; now, that raging libido takes to our streets.

    Angry young men. What a show.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Angry young unmarried men. This happens in animals like horses where a single male keeps a harem. The loose males get driven out of the herd when they get old enough to be a pain in the alpha’s butt. They then band together and make havoc until they get killed off or manage to steal some females of their own. This is why I think the imbalance in the marriageable male to female populations in China and India (due to gendercide targeting girls) will likely have dire consequences for the world.


    • That’s also why the voting age should be 30.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Matt Walsh makes a great point here. “The Planned Parenthood shooter is a murderer of the innocent, and so is Planned Parenthood. In that way, they are really just two sides of the same coin. Pro-lifers oppose both because we oppose murder itself. Pro-aborts celebrate one and then think they have the standing to condemn the other, but they don’t. We are the peaceful ones. We the ones who love people and strive to defend the sanctity of human life. We are the good guys here, and none of that has changed.”