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Catholics are Christians

2015_11 20 Stop the HATE

I really believe we need to do everything we can to restore unity among all Christians in this time of great evil throughout the world. One place that needs a ton of prayer and work is the chasm between Catholic-Christians and non-Catholic-Christians.

To be honest, it makes me both sad and furious when I am exposed to anti-Catholic lies and slander perpetrated by my own sisters and brothers in Christ. I get it that the Left-wing atheists hate us. But why any of Jesus’ own children help spread their filth is a puzzlement.

If nothing else, the fact that the Left is so virulently anti-Catholic should make Conservative non-Catholic Christians wake up. Satan doesn’t attack his own.

I was led to a personal relationship with Jesus by a Baptist classmate and have always had many devout non-Catholic friends. While I definitely believe Catholic doctrine and am certain it is the Holy Spirit’s will for me to stay Catholic, I’m not prejudiced.

I really love being able to prayerfully dialogue with others about doctrinal differences; I make no effort to proselytize or convert anyone, because I think the church you go to is the Holy Spirit’s business, not mine.

My one prayer today is that all y’all will make an effort to understand the Catholic side of things. Contact me or run a search of the Catholic Catechism. Read stuff at pro-Catholic sites to balance whatever you read at anti-Catholic sites. Nobody is asking you to agree or convert, only to stop spreading lies and slander.

God is Truth. You really don’t want to have to explain to Him at judgment why you kept on talking trash about Catholics, because you were too lazy to google.

You can buy a paperback copy of The Catechism of the Catholic Church at Amazon for less than $6.  There is a free, searchable copy on-line @ http://www.usccb.org/beliefs-and-teachings/what-we-believe/catechism/catechism-of-the-catholic-church/epub/index.cfm.

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Prayer Request for Blogger Down

Freedom1781 has been a familiar conservative blogger and patriot for most of the Age of Obama, starting out at HillBuzz and then migrating to Motley’s HoneyTrail and the Conservative Treehouse, then to For God, Family & Country and most recently PoliNation and other forums. She is fine, but her husband just recently sustained life-threatening injuries. He’s a good man I’ve met on several occasions, and he’s not just a proud patriot, but he’s a direct descendent of American revolutionary war heroes.

ad39f320ee1b0115f60483a7f081ced9Unfortunately, that “white privilege” didn’t keep him from working outside under dangerous conditions a few weeks ago and taking a long fall that crushed his spine and pelvis and one of his arms. After some reconstruction, he faces a long road to rehabilitation, and he has a wife and young daughter who face a lot of heartache and difficulty. She asks for prayers. God bless these good people.


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This post is not going to be very popular, I’m afraid. One week on from the Paris massacre, black students demanding the elimination of all things white, a purported leader so clueless and cowardly he makes the ultra-socialist president of France look like Rambo by comparison, and hordes of “refugees” with ISIS assassins intermingled steaming toward our shores, I’ve had all I can stand for one week.
If you are looking for news items about suicide bombers, phony republicans, Obama golfing, Mooch whining, student protests and human trash brutalizing children look elsewhere. This is a completely non-political posting done with the express purpose clearing the air of the stench that is all-encompassing. The one exception (if you can call it that) is the following trailers for the upcoming movie,”13 Hours” about the Americans that were slaughtered at Benghazi,Libya after the Muslim apologist and the next president both turned their backs and walked away.












Sorry to post so many, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve had the chance


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