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EPIC FAIL: Barack Obama is a terrible president

2015_11 Obama's feckless foreign policy toon

In the first two videos below, note Obama’s flat, almost bored, affect when he talks about the Paris terror attacks and about his military strategy for ISIS.  Compare this to his heightened, energized affect in the places where he talks about his political opponents at home.  I think it says a lot about his humanity … or lack thereof.

In the third video, the FOX News panel reports on Obama’s lack of passion, clarity and honesty. Jesse Watters says, “I’m actually surprised. Obama usually golfs and flies to fundraisers after terrorist attacks. This time I think he released five guys from Gitmo and then showed up late for a moment of silence for the victims.”

In the fourth video, President Obama addresses the concerns of those who note that terrorists are undeniably infiltrating other nations by posing as refugees. But rather than honestly speak to these concerns, he ridicules them.

He has a bad habit of attacking straw men (e.g., Republicans are afraid of 3-year olds), rather than honestly and respectfully dealing with facts and people he dislikes. It’s offensive.

  • He never uses the “M” word when talking about extremist Muslims, lest some peaceful Muslims be tarred by association.
  • Yet when it comes to Republicans, Pro-Lifers, Tea Partiers, etc., he is blatantly dishonest about what we believe and why we disagree with him.

In the fifth video, Ted Cruz calls him out on it.

Nov 13, 2015: The President Delivers a Statement on the attacks in Paris [4:15]

Nov 16, 2015: The President Holds a Press Conference in Turkey [49:55]

Nov 17, 2015: Media slam Obama’s post-Paris attacks speech [12:11]

Nov 18, 2015: Obama in Manila: Republicans Are Afraid of Widows and Three Year-Old Children [:38]

Nov 18, 2015: Ted Cruz responds to Obama’s insulting comments about Republicans [1:23]

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Satan’s Century and the Frankfurt School

Bill Whittle: The Frankurt School’s Sword and Shield [18:15]

PC shut up

After you watch Bill Whittle’s video here, I recommend you go read (or reread) these two blogs and then explore their accompanying sources. I believe the juxtaposition of these materials, viewed in close proximity, will open your mind to patterns and truths about God’s plan that you may have not seen before.

A Century of Trial by CtH – Mar 21, 2014

The Left’s Up-Coming Come-Uppance by CtH – Nov 17, 2015

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The Reason Western Secularists Don’t Understand ISIS

I have spent a lot of time digesting the Paris news and wondering why the Left seems to be utterly incapable of seeing the true motivations of extremist Muslims.

It’s not like the jihadists don’t tell us exactly why they’re cutting off heads, even as they’re cutting off heads. It’s not like their holy books are not available on-line or like they and their opponents have not published numerous blogs, books, and movies about why they do these awful things.

So how is it that allegedly intelligent people can be so persistently obtuse that they could actually refer to terrorist attacks as “workplace violence” and “man-caused disasters”?

I saw “Not Without My Daughter” then read the book back in 1991. There was nothing in there about poverty or discrimination or unemployment or a lack of education driving this Muslim family to embrace jihad. There was only the story of an Iranian-born doctor who threw away his American medical practice and ultimately lost his family, so he could join his radicalized family back in the Ayatollah’s glorious new Iran.

Not without my daughter

Today I read a blog that showed me the reason Obama and co. are so damn dumb about ISIS.

What motivates ISIS and its supporters is a sincere, carefully considered commitment to returning civilization to a seventh-century legal environment, and ultimately bringing about the apocalypse.

Actually, a better word than “apocalypse” would be “eschaton,” the end of the present age and the ushering in of what they consider to be the reign of Allah.

Since the secular westerners no longer believes in the Christian eschaton, they cannot even begin to understand the Islamic one.

[I have paraphrased to avoid a confusing wealth of ellipses and brackets. You can read the full article @ http://www.breakpoint.org/bpcommentaries/entry/13/28475%5D

Okay … now I get it. 

Secular humanism is

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It hardly seems Thanksgiving is a mere week away. This is the second year SD has had dinner at her house, since it’s bigger than our apartment. I was used to DW gathering all the things to make the meal and constantly griping about having to do this every year. She’d never admit when she has a houseful of children and grandchildren she’s in her glory.

It’s at this time of year I miss Granny the most. I have such vivid memories of helping her break up the stale bread for her stuffing, pitting the grapes for her fruit salad, and watching her make the crusts for all the pies she baked. We’d come in from doing chores and the whole house was filled with smells that seemed a lot like Heaven to us kids.

It’s also distracting to see the utter failure of a president who will not accept reality nor respect the laws of civilized people. Last night he mocked republicans as being afraid of migrant women and children. It is painfully obvious he hates republicans worse than terrorists. Even some in the media are waking up… belatedly… at what they allowed him to become. Not that they’re sorry, of course. Feeling guilt requires a conscience. Rather than post them in the header I’ll put everything in the reply section and post some things that I haven’t had a chance to in awhile.









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