Heads up, Dumbocrats! You can’t blame Republican leadership for ISIS.

Not that they won’t try. Some of their moron followers will even believe it. But then … Jim Jones’ followers believed drinking the kool-aid would ensure them a seat on the alien spaceship.

Nov 13, 2015: Just hours before ISIS attacked Paris, President Obama bragged, “We have contained ISIS.” [3:59]

In the interview above, Obama also sneered at Ben Carson’s assessment of Obama’s military leadership in the Middle East, saying “He doesn’t know much about it.” Back in the day, then-Senator Obama was a very harsh critic of Bush’s handling of the war on terror. Now he whines about how hard it all is and how it takes time, which are exactly the things Bush said back then.

Nov. 16, 2015: ISIS threatens to attack United States [1:50] < The FBI has nearly 1,000 active probes involving ISIS inside the United States.

OBAMA no ISIS strategy

Nov 16, 2015: G20 Reporter to Obama, “Why Can’t We Take Out These Bastards?” [2:18]

Nov 16, 2015:  Following Obama’s presser, his former head of intelligence, Lt. Gen Michael Flynn, had harsh words.

“Number one, the president was 100% wrong. If you don’t clearly define the enemy that you’re going to face, you cannot figure out the way to defeat that enemy. We are facing radical Islamists.

“And frankly, this is a war on reality, and the president and his close advisers need to get real. They are obviously not under enough pressure, they are not JVs, they just demonstrated that again, and they will absolutely attack again in places like London, in places like Berlin, in places like New York, in places like Washington, DC. They’re very, very well organized.

“This is the problem of letting the world go to hell and assuming it won’t come back to bite you in the rear end. And our frankly — and I’m going to be very candid here, Sean — our amateurish foreign policy has its own place of responsibility in the mayhem that we are seeing right now.

“The president, to stand there and say that our strategy is working against this vicious, vile enemy, is absurd. It’s absolutely absurd. And I just — I’m stunned at his press conference today, and the way he characterized this brutal attack, this brutal 9/11-style attack in Paris as a ‘setback.’”



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