By their fruits, we know him.

2015_11 14 Obama and France

2015_11 14 Democrats still say climate change number one

Nov. 15, 2015: At the G20, the rest of the world’s most powerful leaders stood for a somber observance to honor Friday’s terror-attack victims in France. Obama arrived in the middle.

Nov. 15, 2015: The Truth About The Paris Terrorist Attack [27:23] < This is worth Your Time! Remember that Obama took over Jan 2009 as you look at the statistics and time lines.

“Make no mistake. ISIS would not exist if not for Obama’s policies. This is not partisanship, it is simply the truth. Obama armed and funded the ‘rebel forces’ in Syria. Many of those rebel forces soon became what we now know as ISIS. Obama should be made to answer for that.” Matt Walsh

Nov. 16, 2015: Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret) “I’m really worried” [4:31] – The only president on the American continent who ever did more damage than Obama to the United States was Jefferson Davis.


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