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This is the day first designated on November 11, 1918 as Armistice Day to commemorate the end of The Great War. It was a day that all Americans came together to honor those who served so selflessly and the many who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. I remember as a child going to the parades, seeing men and women marching down Jefferson Street, flags waving, veterans in the crowd in their old uniforms saluting, it was a source of great pride. Now the day seems relegated to selling electronics and bedsheets and free meals for veterans.

The men in my family all served at one time or another. I was drafted in 1969, but was rejected because I had asthma. I knew an awful lot of classmates who went, and some never made it home. Unless you are a blue star family, like our own Chrissy, you can’t possibly know what it’s like to have a loved one so far away, trusting in God to keep them in His care but never really knowing until they’re home safely.

I think I have figured out why most military personnel are conservatives and not democrats. It’s really pretty simple. To volunteer to serve your country out of a sense of duty, of paying back the nation which blessed you with so much takes having faith in something much higher than yourself.
The left will never understand it. I cannot think of a single ideal they hold that they would actually pick up a weapon and defend with their very lives. Abortion? $15 minimum wage? Free phones? Food stamps? Illegal immigration?
I hardly think so. People tend to dislike or mistrust anything they don’t understand. That’s why they despise the military and do everything in their power to undermine it, from cutting their pay to denying veterans the right to the competent health care that they’ve earned. More and more good people are leaving the military rather than be commanded by someone who has never hidden is animosity toward the very men and women who have taken an oath. He took an oath, too, but to him it’s all a joke. Why put yourself in harm’s way for a man who regards your life as less than nothing.
It is fortunate that when the time came to defeat Fascism, Naziism, and Imperialism,the entire country came together. I fear it could never happen again. Fortunately we will never be attacked by any recognizable country since we have the nuclear capability to wipe them out if needs must. That in no way lessens the risk of an attack from within by a terrorist with a small nuclear device. Our president seems bent on giving our enemies all the tools to destroy us.
People get things easily or for free. Without any sacrifice there can be no appreciation of how precious your freedom is. The media and the left have lost every war since Korea by undermining the efforts of those on the front lines. I went to college with the maggot-infested hippie protesters and the ex-GIs who had come back and were getting an education. They could not have been more different, as you can well imagine. If there were ever a fight, I can tell you who I’d side with.
I’ve put together just a few things as my way of thanking all the warriors who have protected my freedom to write and think and do as I wish.

History of Veterans Day

World War I – known at the time as “The Great War” – officially ended when the Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919, in the Palace of Versailles outside the town of Versailles, France. However, fighting ceased seven months earlier when an armistice, or temporary cessation of hostilities, between the Allied nations and Germany went into effect on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. For that reason, November 11, 1918, is generally regarded as the end of “the war to end all wars.”

Whereas the 11th of November 1918, marked the cessation of the most destructive, sanguinary, and far reaching war in human annals and the resumption by the people of the United States of peaceful relations with other nations, which we hope may never again be severed, and
Whereas it is fitting that the recurring anniversary of this date should be commemorated with thanksgiving and prayer and exercises designed to perpetuate peace through good will and mutual understanding between nations; and
Whereas the legislatures of twenty-seven of our States have already declared November 11 to be a legal holiday: Therefore be it Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives concurring), that the President of the United States is requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the officials to display the flag of the United States on all Government buildings on November 11 and inviting the people of the United States to observe the day in schools and churches, or other suitable places, with appropriate ceremonies of friendly relations with all other peoples.


Happy Veterans Day Prayers Of The Faithful

Veterans fire a volley prior to the playing of taps at the Waukesha Allied Veterans Council Veterans Day program at Veterans Park in downtown Waukesha Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014.

Veterans fire a volley prior to the playing of taps at the Waukesha Allied Veterans Council Veterans Day program at Veterans Park in downtown Waukesha Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014.






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GOP DEBATE: Cruz on illegal immigration

Cruz is exactly right.

VIDEO @ http://therightscoop.com/ted-cruz-kills-it-on-illegal-immigration-video/

Saying Republicans are anti-immigration is offensive. We’re pro-law abiding immigrants! Besides which, Mexico and most other countries have zero tolerance for illegals. Why should we be any different?

Immigration laws

Saying Republicans lack compassion is also offensive. IMO, Democrats are the hard-hearted ones for so blithely ignoring the suffering of the millions of Americans that their horrible economic policies have put out of work.

1984 - 2015 Dems don't create jobs

Illegals and Unemployment

Link to my History of Political Party Control in DC album, which gives easy-to-understand graphic illustrations for which parties held the Presidency, the Senate and the House in each session of Congress.


Link to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Population app.


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