Pandora’s Box

2015_10 18 Gay threesome want to marry and parent

NOVA SCOTIA (October 2015) — Two homosexual men recently “divorced” under Canadian law so that they could include a third man in their relationship, and now plan to have their sisters serve as surrogates to bear their children.

“We just want to say that love is love. It should be multiplied not divided,” Adam Grant told the Daily Mail. “It shouldn’t matter if you’re in a three-way or a four-way relationship.”

Adam Grant and Shayne Curran married in 2011. In 2012, they decided they “wanted to have a little more fun”, “be open to seeing others” and “experiment with multiple partners.”

I know. Marriage can be so dull. I mean, a whole year with only one person to bang? Sheesh.

They met Sebastian Tran at a nightclub in shortly after then, oh my goodness, they all decided they had “feelings” for each other, so Adam and Shayne got a divorce so they could add Sebastian to their whatever-it-is.

They have attorneys working toward getting polygamy legalized in Canada so they can be bound to each other “in the eyes of the law.”

They also want to have children.

Has anyone told them that parenting is even harder than marriage? I shudder to think what these fun-loving sexual experimenters might do when they find their three-some is boring, parenting is hard, and decide to spice things up by raping their children.

Polygamy is gaining societal support. (Where is my surprised face?) Obviously, if it is bigoted to oppose same-sex marriage, then it must also be bigoted to oppose polygamous marriage. Ditto incestuous marriage, interspecies marriage, and marriage between humans and plants or humans and inanimate objects.

And if I can marry my brother or my sister, then why can’t I marry my parent or my child? In fact, let’s skip the marriage thing altogether and just say yes to sex with whatever and whomever you choose, no matter how young, vulnerable, or incapable of giving consent that someone may be.

I’d call that sexual abuse, but what do I know? I’m just a bigoted Christian.

“Since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God handed them over to their undiscerning mind to do what is improper.” -Romans 1:28


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  1. At least the sheep in Nova Scotia are breathing a little easier tonight …


  2. Did anyone ask the guys’ sisters what they think of this plan?