The culture of death prevails

Culture of Death

When Jennifer Jorgensen of Long Island, New York, veered into on-coming traffic, she hit Robert and Mary Kelly’s car head-on and killed them both.

Jorgensen was intoxicated, speeding and not wearing a seatbelt.

She was also eight months pregnant. The crash forced the premature birth of her daughter, who died as a result of her injuries six days later.

Jorgensen has been acquitted of all charges regarding the three people she killed with her reckless behavior.

Jorgensen’s unborn daughter was deemed “not a person” at the time of the accident, so meh.

The pro-aborts are all slappy-go-happy about this, cuz we wouldn’t want anyone persecuting pregnant ladies who get drunk and take drugs, then go for a drive, would we?

Cuz that would be like so totalitarian and you know unfair! Unlike banning large size servings of soda and toys in Happy Meals cuz they’re like so bad for your health!

I cannot find a single word explaining why Jorgensen was cleared in the vehicular manslaughter of the Kellys.

I’m feeling super cynical at the moment so my speculations are running toward 74-year old wrinkly people don’t matter. Or maybe they had Christian bumper stickers or something.

Damn this bugs me.

In other news to make your stomach acids churn, a pregnant 13-year-old girl told her abortion nurse she was having second thoughts. The nurse told her she should be brave and abort for her mom’s sake and for Jesus.  The abortionist said that calmed the girl and she had the procedure.

Hero of culture of death SANGER


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