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“They’re ALL Democrats!”

Scarborough: Name a single Republican in major mainstream media position [9:18]

MSM harmful if swallowed

The MSM is so blind to its own bias that they think the left is the center.  It’s not.

America's Political Spectrum graph

One example of how grotesque the bias really is.

Gross bias by MSM in political sex scandals


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Another howler from the racist Left

2015_11 02 Racist MoJo tweet


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Leadership of Commission on Presidential Debates

The Commission that plans presidential debates advertises itself as “non-partisan” and lists politically neutral associations for all commission leadership members, even for people who have been very active in politics.

For example, Leon Panetta’s bio lists him only as “Chairman, Panetta Institute for Public Policy.” Puh-leeze. Panetta served eight terms (1994 to 1997) as the Representative (D) for CA-17. Then, he went on to serve in not one, but three high level positions within Democrat presidential administrations!

  • 1994-1997: Clinton’s WH Chief of Staff
  • 2009-2011: Obama’s CIA Director
  • 2011-2013: Obama’s Defense Secretary

They also list four former presidents as Honorary Co-Chairmen; however, none of them are the two still-living Republicans.  N.b., I removed the two dead Republicans from the list when I made this graphic.

Commission on Prez debates leadership


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GOP candidates agree on new debate process

2015_11 01 future GOP debate scheme


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The Vatican didn’t disavow Pope Francis’ meeting with Kim Davis

It was a handful of pro-gay activists who did that.

The Vatican invited Davis to meet the pope in Washington DC.

Neither Kim Davis nor anyone connected to her requested the meeting.

Kim Davis met privately with the pope.

She was told at that time that the meeting was a secret only until the pope had left the United States.

After the news of the meeting broke, the gay mafia inside and outside the Church went berserk.

In response, Federico Lombardi S.J. issued a highly nuanced statement from the Vatican that was technically accurate, but very misleading.

Then, one or two other pro-gay sources anonymously claimed the pope had been ambushed by Davis’ lawyers and that the Vatican regretted they ever let her near the pope.

Finally, two celebrity priests who actively promote the gay agenda — Thomas Rosica and James Martin — published their politicized and twisted versions of the event.

Martin and Rosica

IMO, the people who dropped the ball were the ones who organized the visit. It should have been obvious to them that they needed to release a factual and carefully worded statement the minute the pope’s plane took off, because of course Davis was going to talk about her visit and of course the left would go berserk.  Duh.

I could wish my church was filled with nothing but very wise and truly holy people, but it hey … Jesus picked Judas to be an apostle, right?

As always, I have to deal with this by praying, piling my disappointment into the Father’s lap, and trusting He is on top of it all as He promised.

“We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.” -Romans 8:28 < This passage was the theme of the Hypenated Nuptial Mass.


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