I have been having a lot of trouble with sites that refuse to finish loading no matter how long I wait.  Sometimes they just hang up, but often they send an endless stream of “script error” messages.  Sometimes a site has proven so stubborn that I have been forced to crash my browser completely to close it. Sometimes, the problem crashes my internet connection for me.  All most annoying!

Today, I googled “stop script error” and found YesScript, a small, free, add-on that WORKS. It puts a little icon into the status bar. If a site is hanging, I can click on the icon and activate a “stop scripts” order for that site, and only that site. And doggone by golly gee whiz … it just worked on Twitchy!! It also has speeded up my Facebook load by a LOT.  Maybe now I can go to National Review and Breitbart too! Squee!


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