Nov 1: The Feast of All Saints

I saw this on Facebook:

People do not believe me when I say that God the Father can and will speak to you if you would just open your heart in Faith and allow Him to do so and you can do this every day! For those who still do not believe this is possible I leave you with the words of St. Catherine Laboure… “When I go to the Chapel I place myself before the good God and I say to Him: ‘Lord, here I am, give me what you will.’ If He gives me something, I am very pleased and I thank Him because I do not deserve anything. And then again, I tell Him all that passes through my mind; I recount my pains and my joys and… I listen. If you listen to Him, He will speak to you also, because with the good God it is necessary to speak and to listen. He will always speak to you if you go to Him simply and sincerely.”

St. Catherine Laboure is the nun to whom Our Lady revealed the Miraculous Medal.

St Catherine Laboure

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