Halloween Science: Your Cats Really Are Trying to Kill You

cat-filing-nailsDailyMail[via Whoopie at BlurBrain] – They are well loved for their immaculate fluffy coats and unique personalities but new research suggests cats do have a much darker side.

A study carried out between the University of Edinburgh and Bronx Zoo compared our beloved domestic cat with its wilder relatives.

Compared with the snow leopard, the Scottish wildcat and the African lion, researchers found these larger predators shared similar characteristics of aggression and neurotic behaviour to domestic cats.

‘They’re cute and furry and cuddly, but we need to remember when we have cats as pets, we are inviting little predators into our house,’ psychologist Dr. Max Wachtel told 9NEWS.

‘For a lot of people, it is worth it. Cats can be fantastic, sweet companions. Until they turn on you.’ Only their size prevents the cat from being able to unleash its full predatory qualities.

Read the rest at DailyMail. Stolen from BlurBrain. Posted by Grunt primarily to piss off Bluebird Of Bitterness. Heh heh heh. 🙂

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  1. For those readers who are interested to know about the research behind this, go to http://www.scottishwildcataction.org/resources/