Good for them!

As his hack-tastic fellow “journolisters” were gleefully furthering the “kill cops” cause, CNN’s Don Lemon
insisted he needed to know more before judging.

“I would like to see what happened before (the video clip) and I would like to see what happened afterwards.”

CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin angrily yelled at him saying, “I don’t need to know more.”

Lemon said everyone, particularly a prosecutor like Hostin, “should want to know more.”

The “victim’s” classmates did know more.  They voted with their feet in favor of the officer.

2015_10 30 Student support for officer



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2 responses to “Good for them!

  1. I’m having flashbacks to the Rodney King debacle, when we saw the edited clip (of the cops beating the crap out of King) played over and over and over, but the media never showed the part of the video where King was resisting arrest in a rather violent fashion.

    When it comes to the PP videos, the media dismiss them as “deceptively edited,” and therefore meaningless, but they have no qualms whatsoever about using deceptively edited videos when it serves their purposes.

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