Refusing to take a side IS taking a side

There are only two sides — God’s and Satan’s.

  • God only takes those who make Him #1.
  • Fence sitters – de facto and de jure – belong to Satan.

Bonhoeffer Silence in the face of evil

Dr. Alan Snyder (Professor of History in the Department of Historical, Legal, and Leadership Studies at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida) posted this on his blog:

“I understand why people can become cynical and think nothing they do can make a difference. The only problem with that thinking, though, as a Christian, is that it is a faithless position to take.

If you want to guarantee that things get worse, stay on the sidelines and do nothing. But the Gospel I believe in, and the God of that Gospel, tells us to make disciples of all nations. He also tells us to be light and salt in a society. If we give in to a kind of fatalism for our future, we act against the very commands we have been given.

“God doesn’t promise that we will win every battle, but He does want to see warriors on the field, doing their best as they take their orders from Him. The question in our minds ought to be the one asked by Jesus Himself when He queried, ‘When the Son of Man comes [back], will He find faith on the earth’?

“I want to be found faithful. How about you?”

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One response to “Refusing to take a side IS taking a side

  1. I do, too. I was just watching the old John Wayne movie Hondo Wednesday night. It’s based on a Louis L’Amour novel about the last days of the Apache. One of my favorite scenes is when the Apache chief tests Hondo by threatening him and telling him to lie to the army officer about the location of the indians. Hondo responds: “This, I will not do.” And so, he keeps the chief’s respect.

    Hondo explains to Geraldine Page’s confused character: “The Apaches hate lies. He was just testing me.”

    Let’s be on the side that God judges as “hating lies” when we stand up for the final judgment. Heaven help us if we’re merely ambivalent toward them.

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