Testimony of a former demonic priest

If Jesus can free him, He can free anybody!

Unmasking Satan | John Ramirez

I have a lot of up close, in person experience with demonic warfare. Based on my experience, I want to offer a couple of caveats to Ramirez’ message. One, the Word is truly powerful, but the Eucharist is even more so. Two, praying in tongues is not necessary. I was active in the Charismatic Catholic movement and I used to pray in tongues. However, when demonic warfare became a big issue in my life, I realized that I needed to know what I was saying. As Ramirez himself notes, demons can mimic the gifts of the Spirit; I just didn’t trust that my “tongues” were really from the Holy Spirit. I’ve been successfully fighting demons for two decades now without praying in tongues. Apart from these two points, I agree with what Ramirez said on the video. I haven’t heard the messages in the stuff they’re selling, so I can’t comment on those. I can say that it’s safe to order from the site. I ordered a set of Jonathan Cahn messages and they came very quickly. – CtH

2015 Tornado - God's msg

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