We’re nicer than they are

Last year, the owners of a small-town pizzeria in Indiana were asked, hypothetically, if they would cater a same-sex wedding. They said they would not, because it was against their religion.

The Homosexual Tolerance Brigade threatened to burn down their shop.

Tolerant Liberal

The pizzeria owners did not answer threats with threats, but continued to calmly explain that they would happily serve whoever walked into their shop.  They just didn’t want to be a formal part of a same-sex wedding.

Recently, a man bought two pizzas at this pizzeria and served them at a same-sex wedding reception.  He also made a YouTube video about how the pizzeria had been forced to cater the wedding without knowing it.

Ha ha … way to treat serious First Amendment issues like we’re all still in grade school.

Again, the owners did not get their noses out of joint, explaining that they served everybody who came into their shop equally and that what people did with pizzas after they left the shop was none of their business.

Isn’t it interesting how the same people who decry bullying of homosexual kids in our schools behave exactly like playground bullies toward Christians?


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