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Hillary Clinton … words fail me

But only because I’m a lady. Pistol Pete provided us with a slew of video clips and links for Hillary Clinton’s obscene testimony before the Benghazi committee. I appreciate him wallowing in the mud so the rest of us don’t have to … as much. Link below.

2015_10 22 Hillary Benghazi judgment

Democrats don’t give a crap about what happened in Benghazi, before or after. Four dead Americans? The President, Secretary of State, and Ambassador to the United Nations all lying through their teeth afterwards to protect His _Residency’s re-election? Pshaw!

What they are up in arms over is the time and money the Benghazi committee has allegedly “wasted” on the investigation.

1974 Cost of Watergate

As of Oct 22, 2015, the Benghazi investigation had been going on for less than two years and had cost $4.8 million 2015 dollars.



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