Berning the Embassy by Stilton Jarlsberg

2015_10 19 Berning the embassy

It seems likely that it’s all over but the screaming (literally) on the Democratic nomination front, after Bernie “I’m only using one-tenth of one percent of my brain” Sanders declared during last week’s alleged debate that “the voters are sick and tired of hearing about her damn emails” and would prefer to hear about real issues.

Apparently “real issues,” to Bernie, don’t include national security, accountability from government officials, ferreting out corruption in high office, influence peddling, dereliction of official duties, lying to the American public, and more. No, he’s too busy railing against rich people (like Mrs. Clinton) who game the system (like Mrs. Clinton) with the help of Wall Street (like Mrs. Clinton) while using every legal dodge available to avoid taxes (like Mrs. Clinton and her fraudulent “Foundation”).

Of course, he’s also against those who opposed LGBT issues (like Mrs. Clinton), and those who pushed for military action overseas (like Mrs. Clinton), and those who don’t pay female workers as much as male workers (like Mrs. Clinton).

All of which raises serious questions …

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