Farewell to summer

Autumn is here, and the flowers of summer are just a memory. But I wanted to let you all see what they were like when it was still summer.

These are the window boxes that surround the screen porch on the east side of my house. There are eight of them, and each one holds five flower pots, so it takes a lot of plants to fill them up. This year I filled them with browallia, marigolds, and globe amaranth.

The deck on the south side of the house is where I put things that like a lot of sunshine. The petunias certainly liked it there.

The morning glories grew quickly and formed nice thick vines, as you can see in picture above, but then they took forever to bloom. Usually if I plant them at the beginning of June (which is the earliest you can safely plant here), I can expect to see flowers by August, or late July if I’m lucky. For some reason this year they didn’t bloom until September. But as always, they were worth the wait.

Here’s a kind of artsy photograph my husband took of a couple of my morning glories.

He posted it on his Facebook wall, and my brother, who is an artist and an art teacher, thought it looked like a painting by Georgia O’Keeffe. He asked for a print of it, which he then framed and hung in his house.

It’s kind of nice to know that even though the morning glories are gone, their beauty still lives on.




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12 responses to “Farewell to summer

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    BEAUTIFUL garden!!! Thank you for posting, bob!! As I was scrolling down, my first thought of hubby’s photo was also “Georgia O’Keeffe” … or rather (to be brutally honest) … “what’s her name I need to google that.”


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  2. Ting

    Beautiful, bob! I am trying to hang onto summer here as long as I can, but there was a frost last night. I’m hoping to have flowers for a baptism lunch here in one week. Not sure if it will happen, though. If it had been today I would have had plenty.

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  3. integrity 1st

    This is so absolutely stunning and tasteful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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