There was a time not so long ago that most of us can’t remember when the senior citizen vote was much sought after by both parties. We were generally better-educated, more affluent, and more involved in our communities. We felt it was our civic duty to vote in every election, primary or general, and we knew what referendums were on the ballot and which judges we wanted to retain.

All that’s changed. Since the advent of electronic voting, it has become easier to rig machines to get false totals, liberals have fought voter I.D. laws so they can garner multiple votes fraudulently, and with tens of millions of criminals pouring over the border who will be given the right to vote, we don’t seem to matter much anymore. By my count, flawed by the onset of senility as it may be, this marks the fourth time in eight years those of us on Social Security will not get even a pittance of an increase in our monthly benefits during the Obama reign of terror.

Before his accession to the throne there had never been a single year we did not get an increase. It became painfully obvious very quickly that he cared more about weighing down our system with more democrat parasites than the welfare of those who made this country what it once was. His profligate spending will crush the yet-unborn generation who will be burdened by the out-of-control spending by politicians who will be long gone before the reckoning comes due.

I used to joke that I would refuse to age gracefully, but rather be dragged kicking and screaming into that good night. I have resigned myself to the fact things will never get better because the willfully ignorant, slothful miscreants who vote for a living have become a permanent majority. Maybe it’s a blessing that my time passing through this world is coming to an end.










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  1. Also funny? Old socialists, felling the Bern. 🙂


  2. “I have resigned myself to the fact things will never get better because the willfully ignorant, slothful miscreants who vote for a living have become a permanent majority.”

    This will be as Politically Incorrect as anything you’re likely to read today, but when did it all start going sideways in America? 1919, with the passage of the 19th Amendment letting women vote. And the 15th Amendment in 1869 let blacks vote, but Jim Crow laws didn’t really let that community into the ballot box until nearly a decade later.

    White males have never elected a Democrat for President in a hundred years. Long ago we had a choice in America: equality and suffrage for all, or let white men make our political decisions. For better or worse, we chose the former. And by now the genie’s long out of the bottle.


    • Pistol Pete

      I can answer that.When LBJ got the Civil Rights Act passed,with the help of republicans he knew replacing the husband and father in the home with a government check would lead to total government dependency and therefore reliance on the democrat masters for their subsistence.That’s why after he made the comment on the day he signed it:”this will keep the niggers voting democrat for 200 years.”That’s a direct quote.He knew what he was’s worked beautifully and I see no reversal of course because a wide swath of society has become content to live on what they can get without any work or sacrifice.Yes,there are more whites on welfare than blacks,until you look at the percentage of population each represents.


    • Funny you should say this, because I was just thinking about it on the way back from Church, where we noticed a Bernie 2016 sticker on the car in front of us.

      It’s all true what you say, that those things all weakened Democracy in America. But Democracy was precarious to begin with. I’m no longer a fan. At all. It barely works when only the best of the best and most invested and most informed do the voting. And when there’s no cheating. All that’s out the window now. We habitually treat our POTUS like a king, and he no longer represents us, anyway. Maybe we should just have an actual king. At least then he wouldn’t be actively trying to destroy the country. (Note: I’m only 50% serious, but about 99% discouraged.)