The limits of God’s tolerance

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“Christianity includes us, Christ includes us, but He will not include our sin. We have to choose to shed our sin, pick up our cross, and follow Him. That’s what it means to ‘be included’. You say that’s what you want, but do you? Do you want to leave your earthly pleasures behind, cut off whatever parts of your life are causing you to sin (Matthew 5:30), and die with Christ? I can’t answer that question for you. I have a hard enough time answering it affirmatively myself every day.

“Christianity is truly a simple formula, but a painful one. If we will not include the pain and sacrifice in our lives, we will not include the Faith. … There are many accounts in Scripture where Jesus delivers a controversial message that is hard for people to accept, and many of his followers abandon Him altogether because of it. You’ll notice that Jesus never backtracks and apologizes. He never chases them down as they walk away and explains that He didn’t really mean all that stuff and really they were just taking it out of context.”

This article is so good. I urge you to print it out and tuck it into your Bible so you can study it and ponder and pray about what it means in your life. Read the rest @

“No, Christianity Should Not ‘Welcome’ or ‘Include’ Your Sinful Lifestyle”
By Matt Walsh – Oct. 15, 2015


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