The real racists

The Left would go ballistic if anyone used this kind of language about a Democrat who happened to be black.

2015_10 12 Salon writer calls Carson minstrel

I read Chauncey DeVega’s tweets for the past three or four days. Lots of profanity and hatred.  Plus, somehow the righteous indignation of right-wingers over his filth-ridden, racist remarks somehow proves he’s right that we’re all “sewer dwellers” and “urinal cake eating” RAAAAAAAAAAAAAACISTS.

Here is another example of what passes for insightful political commentary at Salon.

Salon tweets - Liberal Lunacy

I need a hot shower. With bleach.



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2 responses to “The real racists

  1. is responsible for more wasted water (forcing people to take showers after reading them) than any media org ever. Their tagline should be:

    SALON: We make your skin crawl.

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