Democrats oppose bans on abortion of pain-capable fetuses

Or, I should say, they oppose these bans for pain-capable HUMAN fetuses.

Unborn puppies and kittens are another issue entirely.

Euthanizing unborn carnivore

Human gestation is 38 weeks from conception to the usual point of natural birth.

Human pregnancy is usually calculated as 40 weeks, because it starts with the first day of the last menstrual period which is usually 14 days before ovulation and conception.

Thirty percent of 38 weeks is 11.4 weeks (+2 LMP) = 13.4 weeks of pregnancy.

Pain-capable abortion ban legislation is currently focused on fetuses at or past 20 weeks of pregnancy.

This translates to a full month later than when it is recommended that unborn puppies and kittens be afforded a PAIN-FREE method of euthanasia.

The recommended and most common methods for euthanizing unborn humans include poison, stabbing, crushing and forceful dismemberment (i.e., twisting and tearing arms and legs off one at a time).

Where are all the “compassionate” Democrats demanding the same type of humane, pain-free euthanasia for unborn humans that we require for unborn puppies and kittens?


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  1. Well, in their defense, ferrets are kinda like weasels, with which Democrats closely identify, so it’s natural that they would be kinder to them than to human babies.