Don’t hold your breath

When a “shots fired” call from Umpqua Community College went out, police responded quickly. The shooter fired on them. When they returned fire, Harper-Mercer shot himself in the head.

Before they intervened, Harper-Mercer murdered nine and wounded nine others.

Survivors report that he asked each victim, “Are you a Christian?” If they said “yes,” he shot them in the head. If they did not say “yes”, he shot them elsewhere in the body, usually the leg.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Leftist PTBs to indulge in a national conversation about anti-Christian bigotry.

2015_10 02 Woods on mass murder of Christians in Oregon

President Obama is planning to go so he can stand on the soapboxes … I mean, coffins … of the victims and preach “guns are bad.”

The residents of Roseburg say they do not want Obama to come. 1,900 people have signed up to attend a rally to protest his presence.

Oregon Live reported the community college has a “gun free zone” policy; however, Oregon state law negates such policies for anyone with a conceal and carry license.

Several armed students were in a nearby building when the shooting started. They considered responding, but when they noted the police were already on the scene, they decided they had best stay put lest cops assume they were in league with Harper-Mercer. In hindsight, they say they made the right call.



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2 responses to “Don’t hold your breath

  1. Is anyone other than me surprised that there were so many Christians in that room who took their faith so seriously that they were willing to take a bullet for it? That genuinely impressed me.

    No doubt poor King Putt was deeply disappointed to learn that the shooter a) was half black and b) targeted Christians for execution. It would have been so much better if the shooter had been a Christian klansman who targeted gays, transgenders, and racial minorities.


    • Absolutely. Can you imagine the bravery of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th Christian kids willing to admit to it, after seeing the others fall before them? I want to know their names! Like the hero who rushed the dude, we should be praising them!

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