This is SO “me”

As an undergrad, I majored in Art History with a concentration in the Middle Ages. In grad school, I majored in Communication Arts. ROFL!!!

Pedant's revolt

H/t Bluebird of Bitterness


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  1. Wow Chrissy, and I thought my English major was unmarketable! Art History?!? I don’t think either of us had our eye on the job market post-graduation, eh?


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Too true! But I was aware of it. However, my uncle was a very successful businessman who did a lot of hiring. He said he wanted a college degree because it showed the person had intelligence and a good work ethic, but that he’d rather hire someone who had majored in something useless, like 18th c. French poetry, than someone who had majored in business. According to him, the business majors came in thinking they knew it all and refused to learn his company’s ways, while the “useless” graduates came in ready and willing to learn. So I majored in what excited me, which was Medieval Art and Architecture. 🙂


      • I think the days are gone forever when possessing a college degree could be considered proof of intelligence and a good work ethic, although at one time it may have been true. Interesting historical fact: The reason employers began refusing to hire job applicants who lacked a bachelor’s degree — even for jobs where the degree was absolutely irrelevant — is that government agencies began cracking down on the use of intelligence tests to weed out morons in the hiring process. Intelligence tests are considered racist, because white people do better on them (on average) than nonwhite people do… so a bachelor’s degree became the substitute for passing an intelligence test.


    • Jane, I was an English major too. Check out my English Major Jocularity.