GOP Leadership Squanders Perfect Moment; Will NEVER Defund Planned Parenthood

Brent Bozell, in his Fox News piece today put it fairly well. “There’s no pretty way of putting this.” When Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that conservatives need to be patient and that the time is still not right, there can be no other conclusion except that he has no intention of ever voluntarily voting to stop giving taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood.
How do we know this? Easy. Just imagine what could possibly make the situation more ripe for doing so – right now. A mere few months ago, no one could have imagined the complete and total havoc wrought on the reputation of Planned Parenthood by seemingly endless undercover tapes showing PP officials swigging wine and gloating about making a fortune selling intact baby parts that could only be obtained by harvesting in illegal (and horrific) ways. PP CEO Cecile Richards has been publicly forced to admit embarrassing things in front of Congress that strip virtually any remaining legitimacy from the organization.

What else could we possibly be waiting for? What science fiction writer-on-amphetamines could come up with anything more compelling? The answer, of course, is ‘nothing.’

They’ve had one job that was a no-brainer for 40 years. One job that could surely be done with good conscience even if nothing else on the conservative agenda got done. Instead, zip, zilch, nada.

They’ve made themselves immoral and useless. It’s time for us to make them extinct. Please vote for a Tea Party extremist next year, instead of a RINO.


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  1. Girl tries to get goofy with packing tape. Ends up looking JUST LIKE Cecile Richards.