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Carly tells pro-abort “get your facts straight, then we can talk”

Planned Parenthood pays CEO more than half mill

Carly Fiorina confronted by a Planned Parenthood supporter [1:55]
I gotta credit this pro-abort … she actually listens and speaks respectfully with Mrs. Fiorina

Planned Parenthood political donations


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Religious freedom is essential

Obama and Pope - Little Sisters of the Poor

John Michael Talbot’s Facebook post about Pope Francis’ speech at Independence Hall:

The Pope’s words on Religious Liberty from Philly were just brilliant! He spoke from Independence Hall and the lecturn used by Abraham Lincoln for The Gettysburg Address. Powerful symbols!

He said that religion is not a sub culture of a people, but is inherent in the culture itself! Religious freedom is especially essential in a nation founded on religious freedom for the sake of empowering rather than limiting good religious expressions. How powerful from Independence Hall!

He also challenges those afraid of immigration, not as specific political policies, but as a general moral attitude of humanity. We see people, not just issues and problems. He encourages keeping our respective ethnic traditions alive, but while assimilating properly into the culture we embrace and join.

He spoke wise words on proper globalization that empowers, rather than restricts individual and national rights and diversity. He encouraged us not to be afraid of our ethnic or individual diversity, but learn to celebrate it as a united people of freedom.

Of course, he hopes to confirm and strengthen the traditional family in his visit to Philly. Without mentioning hot button issues that have so divided us, he speaks to the more essential core values that can solve most of them with love and truth in Christ.

This Pope cannot be politically pigeon holed! He confounds the molds of Progressive or Conservative, Democrat and Republican, or Libertarian and Socialist for that matter! But he unites us all in a most simple common love of others as we love ourselves, which is the golden rule of many religions, not the least of which is Catholic Christianity. He makes me proud to be Catholic! I pray that all of us, believer and unbeliever, Christian and non Christian, Catholic and non Catholic to embrace his spirit and words, both of which he gets from Jesus.

He ended with an off script impromptu recitation of the Lord’s Prayer. This was a fitting conclusion to his words on Religious Freedom that was personal and powerful!

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China deploying sub capable of nuking our mainland

2015_09 Chinese sub


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Don’t miss the Super Blood Moon tonight!

The moon will be at perigee (its closest point to the Earth) for this eclipse, making it appear at its largest in our sky.  It should be quite a show!

Eastern time: The moon will start darkening at 8:11 pm, reach peak at 10:47 pm, then start to lighten again. Peak (when the moon turns red) will only last a few minutes.

2015_09 27 Super Blood Moon

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