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Three popes

September 24, 2015: This evening Pope Francis will not be dining with politicians. He’s going to break bread with the homeless.

Three popes


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Air Punch!! Pope Francis does it sooo much better than Captain Zero! LOL

2015_09 23 Pope Francis visits Little Sisters of the Poor


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Backhanded compliments

There’s been lots of commentary about President Obama’s guest list for his White House “Greet The Pope” do.

Mike Huckabee: “When you invite the head of the Catholic Church — the pope — you should treat him as an honored guest. It is not a time to embarrass him by inviting people who have been very outspoken in their criticism of the Church. It’s like hosting a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous and setting up an open bar or it’s like inviting the prime minister of India — who is a Hindu — and serving ribeye steak. There are some things you just don’t do. It’s called manners.”

Franklin Graham: “Is there no end to the lengths the president will go in order to push his sinful agenda? This is disgraceful and obviously inappropriate.”

Todd Starnes: “Just a few weeks ago they had the King of Saudi Arabia drop by for a howdy-do. I wonder how many Muslim feminists and LGBT activists were invited to that get-together?”

CtH: “Dear President Bozo, God can do passive-aggressive too, you know. This photo is going viral and you sooooo deserve it. ::snork::”

2015_09 23 Pope and Horned Obama



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