Obama’s Values

  • He has instructed U.S.-led foreign aid organizations to promote homosexual acceptance abroad.
  • He has told the government of Nigeria to legalize homosexuality or lose U.S. foreign aid money.
  • He has said that anyone who opposes unrestricted abortion is no better than a terrorist.
  • He has instructed soldiers to ignore the screams of child rape victims in Afghanistan.
  • He has court martialed soldiers who could not ignore the screams of child rape victims in Afghanistan.

Obama isn’t a hypocrite. He’s just evil.

OBAMA Isaiah 5 20

I received this today from a retired, career military officer in my network:

I have sent emails and made phone calls. The soldiers I talk to confirm that this has been going on for years, and this administration supports it. We’re losing good soldiers and officers because we have an administration that allows this crap. I’m hoping that you and your network can draw enough attention that someone actually starts questioning this.




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7 responses to “Obama’s Values

  1. So, US is worse than the Taliban. Great.
    “Like it or not, there was better rule of law under the Taliban,” said Dee Brillenburg Wurth, a child-protection expert at the U.N. mission in Afghanistan, who has sought to persuade the government to address the problem. “They saw it as a sin, and they stopped a lot of it.”


  2. Kids who are abandoned by their fathers are very often screwed up. Likewise, kids who are abandoned by their mothers.

    Little Barry was abandoned by both, so we can do the math on that.

    In addition, “In a 2006 speech, Obama explained: “I was not raised in a particularly religious household … My father, who returned to Kenya when I was just two, was born Muslim but as an adult became an atheist. My mother, whose parents were non-practicing Baptists and Methodists …grew up with a healthy skepticism of organized religion herself. As a consequence, so did I.” (http://tinyurl.com/kat5un5).

    An abandoned “red-diaper” baby who grows up resenting both America and God. Wow, who coulda seen that coming …?


    • Yeah, we really hit the jackpot on him, didn’t we? Don’t forget that he was also raised by a transgender nanny while in Indonesia, as well. Problem is, it’s never really been as simple as growing up “skeptical.” It’s obvious that Barry is quite devoted to his muslim background in every way, and he shows it continuously, from the gold ring with arabic script that he has never taken off, even “re-purposing” it as a wedding band, to his compulsive defense of Islam and criticism of every other faith.


      • I read on some other forgotten site that Tony Blair publicly and formally became a Catholic after he left office. Perhaps we see the tea leaves of Allah in our own Lyin’ King’s post-presidential sojourns, once he can safely expunge his politically-expedient Christianity.

        Trump, Day One: unseal all of Barry’s records.