Watching the Signs: Desecration and the Shemitah

I believe it is URGENTLY important that you listen to this teaching by Rabbi Cahn.

Sep 20, 2015: Beyond the Shemitah | Jonathan Cahn on Sid Roth

After you listen closely to what Rabbi Cahn said, look again at this graphic that I posted earlier this month. A lot of folks saw a rainbow shooting out of the World Trade Center tower on 9/10 as a happy sign. I saw something entirely different, one which I will not belabor because I’m a lady. However, given that Isaiah 9/10 is where the harbingers are listed in the Bible and that God covered Manhattan with ominous DARK CLOUDS on 9/11, I think my interpretation is the correct one.

2015_09 10 Rainbow WTC tower

The Blessed Mother’s messages at Medjugorje say the same things Rabbi Cahn and Sid Roth say at the end of the video! See archives @

Also, check out the Catholic Lectionary readings for Elul 29, HY 5775 (last day of Shemitah), which was on Sunday, Sept 13, 2015 @

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