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My little collection of fave Donald funnies has hit critical mass, so I’m going to dump them on ya today. You’re welcome! 🙂 Stay tuned for extra texty goodness below by Stilton Jarlsberg and Mark Steyn!

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Sept 21, 2015: Stilton Jarlsberg posted the text below with this toon @

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One of the dumbest political stories to get traction in recent days (and trust us, that’s a pretty high bar to clear) relates to a townhall meeting in which an audience member referred to Barack Hussein Obama as a Muslim and – horror of horrors! – Donald Trump didn’t immediately declare that Barry is actually a Christian and, in all likelihood, the Second Coming.

Granted, Obama is widely known for his declarations that when times get tough he’ll “stand with Islam,” that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,” that ISIS (“Islamic State”) is not Islamic, and that Christians in flyover country are bitter little people who “cling to guns and religion.”

But he also says that he’s a Christian (albeit one who avoids church like the plague, seems awfully vague on Scripture, and has been instrumental in ramping up government harrassment of Christians) – so where does the truth lie? And why is it Donald Trump’s job to figure out whether to believe Obama’s words or his actions (you can’t do both) and explain it to everyone else?

The always-brilliant Mark Steyn has a lot to say on the subject and you should definitely follow the link to his piece []. Even though we at Hope n’ Change aren’t religious, when Steyn brings down Hell and damnation on the hypocrites pushing this story, he makes us believe.

Preach it, Mr. Stinky Cheese Man!

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EXCERPTS from Mark Steyn’s awesome screed:

“Why does one Republican candidate’s “scandal” get hung around the neck of every other guy’s? I’ll answer your question to me about Donald Trump’s ‘gaffe’ after you ask Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Lincoln Chafee and Joe Biden about Hillary Clinton’s server and how she handled Benghazi. Till then, get lost.”

“And frankly, whatever the President’s personal faith, there is no dispute that his leadership of the western world has been an utter catastrophe for Christians around the planet. Some of the oldest Christian communities on earth have been entirely extinguished on Obama’s watch: in Mosul, Iraq, which was an American protectorate on the day he took office, not a single Christian remains. Every single one of them is dead or fled. So, instead of jumping through your preposterous hoops and speaking up for the most powerful man in the world, I would rather speak up for the powerless – for the Nigerian schoolgirls, for the Yazidi, for the Copts in Egypt, and for all the other beleaguered Christian communities in the world this feckless president has set alight and watched burn.”

DEFINITELY go and read the rest @

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