It sucks to be Debbie

Sept 10, 2015: Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said that the abbreviated Democratic presidential debate schedule vill not be changed!  Also, they vill be punishing any candidates who try to participate in unsanctioned debates.

Sept 20, 2015: Democrats at the NH convention heckled Debbie about the lack of debates. See three videos tweeted from the audience @

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley criticized the Democrat debate schedule on MSNBC:

“Telling New Hampshire they can only have one before New Hampshire, telling Iowa only one day before Iowa — that’s never happened before. And I think people find it insulting. It’s beneath us as a party.”

Martin, Martin you do realize your party fully supports dismembering pain-capable human babies in the womb and murdering any of the little buggers who don’t come out dead as planned? How in Hell could ANYTHING be “beneath” you people?

As for insulting ::coughcough:: … methinks the quality of your candidates is what is really insulting, plus a darn good reason to limit public debates.  Maybe all y’all could consider propping some standees of the candidates up on a stage and have them take turns spouting pre-recorded Democrat talking points at regular intervals?

2015_09 16 Why dems haven't had a debate


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