Barack Obama is no friend to the Catholic Church

Why any devout Catholic continues to support him is beyond me.

Among his openly hostile actions toward us are:

  • threatening nuns and priests with huge fines and jail for refusing to pay for birth control and abortion drugs;
  • appointing a pro-abortion ambassador to the Vatican;
  • cancelling Masses at military bases;
  • barring Catholic military priests from reading or distributing an Archbishop’s pastoral letter;
  • choosing a tranny activist Episcopalian to organize the pope’s visit to the White House; and,
  • inviting a pro-abortion activist nun, a tranny activist Catholic, a gay activist Catholic, and a pro-gay, openly homosexual, twice-divorced Episcopal bishop for the pope’s visit.

An unnamed senior Vatican official told the press that the Holy See is not happy.

John White says, “We haven’t seen such a raw, naked attempt by a secular head of state to manipulate a pope in centuries.”

TOON Pope is Catholic

Statements Pope Francis has made on …

  • ABORTION: “Abortion is killing someone that cannot defend him or herself.”
  • CATHOLIC DISSIDENTS: “[They] have one foot outside the church. They rent the church.”
  • GAY MARRIAGE: “This is … is an attempt to destroy God’s plan.”
  • GENDER IDEOLOGY: “Gender ideology is demonic!”
  • SEXUAL ISSUES: “[My position is] the position of the Church. I am a son of the Church.”

TOON Jesus unpopular politics



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3 responses to “Barack Obama is no friend to the Catholic Church

  1. How ANY Christian — Catholic, Protestant, or otherwise — can support Øbama is beyond me. For that matter, I don’t see how anyone with two brain cells to rub together can support him.

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