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Baby Greyson

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control has temporarily closed two of South Carolina’s three abortion mills for health violations, including expired medications, incomplete records, improper disposal of infectious waste, and noncompliance with the Women’s Right to Know Act, which imposes on abortion a 24-hour waiting period and information on fetal development and ultrasound services. If the clinics do not correct the deficiencies by the end of the month, they will be shut down permanently.



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  1. This picture is heartbreaking.

    Every so often I drop in on Daily Kos just to remind myself of the untraversable gulf between the two halves of our nation. Yesterday I read a diary about why people who should know better vote Republican, against their better interests. And I also recently saw interviews where Stephen Colbert could never endorse Republican policies, and Quentin Tarantino raved about how Obama is far and away the best President in his lifetime.

    All I need to counter these positions is show them this picture. Any voter who could endorse the destruction of Greyson and thousands more like him is beyond reason. At that point it’s not about politics, it’s about redemption.