Hillary’s problems not right-wing conspiracy

The right-wing hasn’t got the juice in the federal government to get anything done that Obama doesn’t want done. Washington Times columnist and Fox News contributor, Monica Crowley, says it’s part of an ongoing feud between the Clintons and President Obama. Crowley believes Obama wants Hillary out of the race so he can get the nominee he wants to succeed him.

The Clinton-Obama discussion covers the first 6 minutes of the video embedded at the link.


2015_08 25 HILLARY Home to roost by Terrell


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3 responses to “Hillary’s problems not right-wing conspiracy

  1. I’ve mentioned at least three or four times on just this site how much the Clintons and Obamas loathe each other. I’m loopy enough to speculate even Michelle may end up throwing her Size 13 pumps into the ring so they can keep their ongoing Communist makeover in-house, and that’s why she’s made her very public international appearances over the past few months.

    With Trump leading the opposition, clearly we’ve crossed the Rubicon on business-as-usual in Presidential politics and we’re now officially in Crazyville. I agree with Monica Crowley that Hillary’s woes are coming from the very highest levels, e.g. ValJar (true fact: Monica is Alan Colmes’ sister-in-law. Imagine those Thanksgiving get-togethers).

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