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Shemitah ends today and the Fourth Blood Moon is coming soon

Don’t roll your eyes at me.  This is important!

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I believe in the Rapture and I believe it is imminent. But really … if you are a believer, you should not need to believe either of these things to know that you need to be ready to meet Our Lord at a moment’s notice.

Anyone could die at any moment, with no warning.

  • I had a cousin who was feeling a little off, but nothing that made him concerned enough to see his doctor. When his wife woke in the morning, his body was cold.
  • I had a friend who was driving his grandson somewhere; obviously he felt fine or he would never have been behind the wheel, particularly not with a child in the car. He started to feel bad, so pulled off the highway and died.
  • My girlfriend’s mom was visiting a friend. She put her head back on the couch and died.
  • My childhood pastor was hale and hearty. He had a headache one afternoon, so laid down for a nap and died.

Don’t wait to get 100% right with the Lord. If you’re Catholic, get your butt into the confessional. If you’re not Catholic, do whatever it is you do the examine your conscience and clear the slate.

2015_09 28 Fourth Blood Moon



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Hillary’s problems not right-wing conspiracy

The right-wing hasn’t got the juice in the federal government to get anything done that Obama doesn’t want done. Washington Times columnist and Fox News contributor, Monica Crowley, says it’s part of an ongoing feud between the Clintons and President Obama. Crowley believes Obama wants Hillary out of the race so he can get the nominee he wants to succeed him.

The Clinton-Obama discussion covers the first 6 minutes of the video embedded at the link.


2015_08 25 HILLARY Home to roost by Terrell


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Life News

Baby Greyson

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control has temporarily closed two of South Carolina’s three abortion mills for health violations, including expired medications, incomplete records, improper disposal of infectious waste, and noncompliance with the Women’s Right to Know Act, which imposes on abortion a 24-hour waiting period and information on fetal development and ultrasound services. If the clinics do not correct the deficiencies by the end of the month, they will be shut down permanently.



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