Love the meme, but not the science

This funny meme has appeared in my Facebook Timeline several times recently.

Polar Bear and Al Gore meme

I tried to research these numbers and found the following points of interest.

One, this article says nobody really knows how many polar bears there were in 1960.  Al Gore was born in 1948, making that 7,000 number highly questionable.

Two, this article suggests 26,000 is the best median guesstimate for current populations, making that 30,000 number also suspect.


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4 responses to “Love the meme, but not the science

  1. Chrissy, you’re a woman after my own heart. As King Ronnie famously said, “Trust, but verify.” So much on the Internet comes from some overheated guy at his kitchen table fabricating statistics to gird his particular ideological aberrations, it’s a delight to encounter another who can smell the fertilizer on the rose.

    One can agree with the sentiment without endorsing or propagating the fallacy.


  2. “…nobody really knows how many.” Then it also makes you wonder at the arrogance of the climate activists who were claiming that the bears were going extinct having no real numbers to work with. Like when Al Gore said the arctic would be “ice-free by 2015.” Good times.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      When they started tracking polar bears seriously, it became obvious they were being over-hunted. The laws passed to limit pb hunting have allowed them to repopulate.