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For the backstory on Daniel Craig’s embarrassing twist on a contribution to Bernie Sanders, go to Breitbart. His wife is Rachel Weisz (pronounced ‘vice’), and she has a more established acting career, in addition to being brighter in the real world, than her husband. Even though Jane Dough has never heard of her. 😉


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The preceding quote was by Warren Oates as Sgt.Hulka in “Stripes.”
If you knew that, you’ve led a good life.

Thinking about today and reflecting on where we were and where we’re headed I just had to lighten things up a little.
RJ football tomorrow, RJ’s big sis playing fast pitch softball on Sunday.
There’s a chill in the air. Fall’s coming. Time to trek to the apple orchard for some apple donuts and cider. I enjoy the fall. It’s what comes just after I’m not too fond of.



Must Add by CtH:  My dd told us recently that she and hubby were trying to clean up their language now that they have a very verbally precocious toddler copying everything they say. But it ain’t easy, what with all the years in the military where cussin’ is just part of the culture. One of my kids mentioned once that coming home was kind of hard, because words she uses every day at work aren’t allowed in my house. I smiled sweetly and told her my delicate princess ears appreciated her efforts on their behalf. Anyway, back to my toddler grandson, who recently hollered from his car seat, “What does that hole tuckus think he’s doing?!”









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Everybody remembers where they were and what they were doing. It’s one of a handful of significant events in one’s life that stand out.

November 22,1963…. I was in 8th grade science class when the principal made the announcement over the loudspeaker

July 20,1969… I was in summer class at Jr.college watching a small black and white TV the professor brought in to watch Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon.

Sept.11,2001… I was gathering dirt uniforms and listening to Don Wade on my portable radio when the newsman broke in to say a plane had hit one of the towers. At first, reports indicated it was accidental. The truth was brought home as we watched the second plane head into the second tower and burst into flame.

For a brief moment the nation came together as we suffered a horror heretofore unknown to us.I thank God we had a strong,moral leader to see us through this heart-wrenching trauma.

It took almost two weeks for the press to get back to their business of smearing the president in every possible way, starting with the video of him reading to a grade school class when an aide came in and whispered about what was happening. He was criticized for not jumping up and running out screaming, for flyimg on Air Force One to a safe location. Did he know about the attack beforehand? Was it an inside job? It must have pained them to hold their tongues for a few days while the nation mourned its lost.

Fast forward 7 years. An unknown mulatto who had no experience doing anything except getting high, doing some streetcorner hustling and having everything handed to him becomes the object of the media’s unbridled passion, who hoisted him on their shoulders and whisked him into the White House with the help of a Republican party who ran as poor a candidate as they could find, who expended more effort destroying his own VP nominee than fighting for the presidency.

Straightaway this America-hating Muslim announced to the world that the lives and treasure sacrificed to try to stabilize the Middle East meant nothing as he planned to turn tail and run as fast as he could.

Cue ISIS, commanded by Saddam’s former military leaders who spread blood and destruction, first to the Kurds and the Yazidis, then spread like a plague. They knew they had nothing to fear from their fellow Muslim who lied to the American people about how we were fighting the enemy.

I firmly believe he tipped off the Taliban to the transport helicopter that was carrying Seal Team Six after they killed bin Laden. You’ll never convince me otherwise.

Then came Sept.11, 2012. I can’t rightly recall where I was but I know where that sad excuse for a human was. He’d gotten word the attack in Benghazi was underway. He turned his back and walked away. He had a big fundraiser in Las Vegas the next day.

Now he’s telling us we have to take in at least 10,000 Syrian “refugees.”



Europe will soon regret taking all these bastards in. Obama will make sure we suffer long after he’s gone off to golf in Hawaii.
We’ve not forgotten… we’ve just been sold out.



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Signs in the Sky and the 4th Harbinger

A few days before He was crucified, Jesus said that “awesome sights and mighty signs will come from the sky” (Luke 21:11) to alert us to the coming End Times.

Sept 10, 2011: By Jewish reckoning, a new day starts at sunset.  I’m not sure where this photo was taken, but the photographer says the only change she made was to enhance the color slightly. N.b., the 2012 date on her signature is the year she published, not the year she took the photo.  She had it for sale somewhere on the internet, but I’m sorry to say, I’ve lost the link.

2011_09 10 flag sunset

Sept 10, 2014: Again, by Jewish reckoning, a new day starts at sunset.  I know this was definitely not photoshopped, because four different people posted their own snapshots of the sunset flag over Richmond, Virginia.

2015_09 10 Flag over Richmond

How rebuilding the WTC was a sign of defiance that brought judgment on the United States.
Jonathan Cahn 2015 4th Harbinger The WTC Tower is rising as a Sign of Judgement


2015_09 10 Rainbow WTC tower

If you have not read Jonathan Cahn’s books yet, I urge you to do so asap.

Cahn and books

JONATHAN CAHN – September 3rd 2015 – COLLAPSE has BEGUN – Part 2


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The Left’s agenda is bad for body and soul

St JPII abortion

Penn Jillette on taxation and charity

Milton Friedman – Why a 100% inheritance tax would destroy society

H/t Pistol Pete

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Media Malpractice

The MSM has become little more than an undeclared political PAC for the Democrat-Progressive agenda.

Case in point.

2015_09 TIME misquotes Pope

I am not holding my breath for the pope’s remarks on marriage to be reported by any of the Left’s agitprop “news” organs.

Vatican City, Sep 10, 2015: Pope Francis told couples, “The family – as God wants it, composed of a man and a woman for the good of the spouses and also the generation and education of childrenis deformed by powerful contrary projects supported by ideological colonization.”


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Never forget?

Most of us mean “Never Forget” in a good way.  But some people cheered the 9/11 attacks.  Remember Barack Obama’s pastor, screaming about chickens coming home to roost on AmeriKKKa? (Never mind that all the racist bastards under those white hoods were Democrats.)

9-11-15 President now arms people who did this

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