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Please don’t be put off by the fact the article below was written by a left-wing feminist and published in TIME. It’s worth reading in full.

Put the Sex Back in Sex Ed by Camille Paglia
From TIME Opinion: Education – March 13, 2014

The refusal by public schools’ sex-education programs to acknowledge gender differences is betraying both boys and girls. The genders should be separated for sex counseling. It is absurd to avoid the harsh reality that boys have less to lose from casual serial sex than do girls, who risk pregnancy and whose future fertility can be compromised by disease. Boys need lessons in basic ethics and moral reasoning about sex (for example, not taking advantage of intoxicated dates), while girls must learn to distinguish sexual compliance from popularity.

Above all, girls need life-planning advice. Too often, sex education defines pregnancy as a pathology, for which the cure is abortion. Adolescent girls must think deeply about their ultimate aims and desires. If they want both children and a career, they should decide whether to have children early or late. There are pros, cons and trade-offs for each choice.

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3 responses to “Sex Ed: Traditional was better

  1. Paglia is quite the anomaly among liberals in that she insists on thinking independently and criticizing their mindless duplicity. That makes her a treasure for us, even if she disagrees on some of the fundamentals.