The reality of the slippery slope

Recent history is rife with examples of Christians being vilified as “slippery slope” straw man haters.

But each time, we have been proved right.

When “The Pill” was made available to the public in 1964, Christians warned it could lead to promiscuity and a rise in children living in broken and single parent homes.

This happened.

When abortion was made legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy in 1973, Christians warned that it would not save women’s lives, but would instead lead to devaluing all human life, especially children’s lives.

This happened.

When euthanasia was legalized in Oregon and other states, Christians warned that the non-terminally ill and eventually the mentally handicapped, or simply the unwanted, would be killed in the name of mercy.

This is happening.

When gay marriage was legalized in all 50 states, Christians warned it would lead to demands for legalizing polygamy.

2015_09 02 Polygamy up next


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