Carly and Cruz

Have you ever noticed how we tend to use the first names for females and last names for males? Some leftie should get ON this!

2015 HILLARY leftovers

Anyway, on to today’s Pimping for My Faves blog!

Carly Fiorina has posted a new “Answers” feature at her campaign website. I asked for “Climate Change” and “Abortion” and got video clips of her talking about each subject. I think this is brilliant! It’s so much more appealing to hear and see her talk than read a list of talking points.

Ted Cruz has a New York State PAC that I just joined. If you are a New Yorker who wants to get involved locally to nominate Senator Ted Cruz as the GOP Presidential Candidate, contact:

Courtney Neracker
NYS Director
Stand for Principle Super PAC to elect Ted Cruz President in 2016

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