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A few thoughts about Gandhi

I was surprised to learn that Mahatma Gandhi was anti-Semitic and that his grandson is continuing to promote his twisted philosophy.

Mahatma and Arun Gandhi

In November 1938, Mahatma Gandhi wrote,

The “German persecution of the Jews seems to have no parallel in history”, Gandhi admitted, and if ever there could be a justifiable war, it would be against the Nazis. “But I do not believe in any war.”

So, what does he suggest the Jews do in face of Nazi persecution? “If I were a Jew … I would challenge [the German gentile] to shoot me. … The calculated violence of Hitler may even result in a general massacre of the Jews. … But if the Jewish mind could be prepared for voluntary suffering, even the massacre I have imagined could be turned into a day of thanksgiving and joy. … The German Jews will score a lasting victory over the German gentiles in that they will have converted that latter to an appreciation of human dignity.”

Restoring the Jews to Palestine was a “crime against humanity”, and the Jews there should follow a similar course in face of Arab aggression, and “offer themselves to be shot or thrown in to the Dead Sea without raising a little finger against them.”

“I am not defending the Arab excesses. I wish they had chosen the way of non-violence in resisting what they rightly regarded as an unwarrantable encroachment upon their country. But according to the accepted canons of right and wrong, nothing can be said against the Arab resistance in the face of overwhelming odds.”

Reading this made my head hurt.

Gandhi’s appeal to “accepted canons of right and wrong” makes no sense in the face of the clear historical fact that Judaeo-Christianity, German Nazism, and Arab Islam have entirely different ideas about right and wrong.  Was Gandhi really so dim-witted that he didn’t understand that his non-violent protests worked in India ONLY because the British were CHRISTIANS who would not massacre non-violent civilians? 

Could he not see that the Nazis specifically rejected Jesus’ teachings about universal human dignity?  Nazis believed in brute force and racial superiority, NOT in peace, mercy, forgiveness, and charity toward all.  Seeing Jews line up for slaughter would not have shown Nazis that Jews were humans with a right to life.  It would have convinced them that Hitler was right about exterminating Jews for the good of humanity.

Gandhi claimed his “canon of right and wrong” put non-violence in the number one position.  But note that when he’s talking about Nazis and Jews, he says that anyone using violence to stop Nazis from invading other countries or killing Jews are choosing the greater evil.  But then when he’s talking about Arabs and Jews, he excuses Arabs for killing Jews who settle in Israel, because the invasion of another country is the greater evil.

The only really consistent “canon” I see in Gandhi’s belief system is that Jews should die. And his grandson, Arun Gandhi, seems to agree. In 2008, he wrote in the Washington Post:

“Jewish identity in the past has been locked into the Holocaust experience. It is a very good example of how a community can overplay a historic experience to the point that it begins to repulse friends… The world did feel sorry for the episode, but when an individual or a nation refuses to forgive and move on, the regret turns into anger.”

On the political situation in Israel, he added, “The Jewish identity in the future appears bleak… We have created a culture of violence (Israel and the Jews are the biggest players) and that Culture of Violence is eventually going to destroy humanity.”

Soooooooo … “forgive and move on” applies only to Jews who still mourn the Holocaust 70 years later, but not to Arabs who continue to shed Jewish blood over the founding of the nation of Israel 67 years ago?



For me, Gandhi was no saint by Miriam Shaviv for the Jewish Chronicle Online – February 7, 2008


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Quitting the baby killing biz

Pray for all those who are involved in this evil industry, that they will receive the graces they need to repent and get right with God.

2015_08 22 PP Security Guard quits

Carol Everett, former abortion clinic owner, shocking testimony [46:54]
Abortion “counselors” are actually highly trained telemarketers taught to SELL abortions.

“I left my dead baby in a toilet” at George Tiller’s [4:59]
She was 14 years old when her parents paid Tiller to kill their grandchild.

Statements from four former abortionists who quit:

1) “And as I brought out the rib cage, I looked and I saw a tiny, beating heart.”
2) “I began to feel like a paid assassin. That’s exactly what I was.”
3) “I realized that what I’d done up to that point was not helping people. I was compounding their problems.”
4) “Sometimes the babies were alive when they were born…We just left them to die.”

Read more @ http://liveactionnews.org/4-powerful-quotes-abortionists-became-pro-life/

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My tech guy had recommended to me to install the new Microsoft platform Windows 10. I tried several times on Thursday without success. He did it by remote Thursday evening and I finished the task early Friday morning. It took less than two nanoseconds to realize what a disaster it was. Yahoo would not install as my home page, my list of bookmarks had disappeared, there were no commands when I right clicked on my mouse (copy, past, delete, etc.) and the only game I play online (a lot) is Solitaire. It wound up in an app with hundreds of other games you could not play unless you had a Microsoft account to log in with. I frantically called my guy who finally returned my call. You can recover your old Windows within the first thirty days. After that you’re stuck. Doing a normal system restore point won’t work because it won’t allow it.

DW has been visiting her dad since Thursday morning and she’s coming home today. She knows even less than I do about computers. She checks her e-mail once in a while but basically she uses IE to check her Facebook page to keep in touch with her family, which are scattered around the country. If she had to log in every time she used it she would be very unhappy. You wouldn’t want to see her when she’s unhappy. I came back from a Friday lunch date over clam chowder with my fishing partner and my guy had my machine back to normal.
Everything is touted as “new” and “improved.” Such is not always the case.


Poker Face 1








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