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Carly Fiorina on Climate Change and Obamacare

Wow, does she HANDLE Katie Couric or WHAT?! Couric keeps trying to get a negative sound bite the lefties can use to hurt her, but Fiorina never falls for it.

Carly Fiorina fires off at Katie Couric about climate change

Carly Fiorina survived breast cancer


ObamaCare Yay Or Nay? The Truth About Canada! – Steven Crowder [20:32]

Canada's health care - Crowder

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Today’s Feel Good Offering

This video is AWESOME!! Watch as well as listen. You’ll probably end up dancing too. I did. 🙂 These are the songs I heard when my older sibs were teens. I like them better than the music that was popular when I became a teen. LOL

The Jersey Boys at the Vietnam Memorial 2014 [10:20]

LLAMAS Damn they're good

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CMP: Undercover with StemExpress CEO

WARNING: At the bottom of this blog, I have included a very graphic and disturbing photo of a partial birth abortion in progress. This is what these people are chuckling about as they shovel food into their faces.

The undercover “Center For Medical Progress” sting operation has published the full video of a dinner conversation between CMP agents posing as fetal tissue buyers and StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer.

This latest video detailing how Planned Parenthood and its partners like StemExpress illegally sell body parts of aborted babies, continues to show the cavalier way babies are killed, torn apart, and sold for profit – but, adds a new wrinkle which should serve as a warning to women going into a clinic for and abortion: unsanitary conditions.

2015_08 25 CMP video quote -staph

Where are all those harridans with their coat hangers demanding SAFE abortions?

2015_08 25 CMP video quote -volume

The quotations are bad enough. If you can stand to watch the video, the casual attitude, laughing, eating … just makes it that much worse.

Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Buyer StemExpress Wants “Another 50 Livers/Week”

Note: When she says “an entire case”, she means a recently killed baby that the abortionist has delivered illegally, so as to provide an “entire” (full body) “specimen” (dead baby). “The whole calvarium” means “dead baby head.”  “But we know what it is [laughter].”

2015_08 25 CMP video quote -bigbox

Yes, Planned parenthood IS a volume abortion institution. More than 95% of the pregnant women who go to Planned Parenthood do so to have their unborn babies murdered.  So much for “safe, legal, and rare.”  The reality is more like “sloppy, illegal, and lots.”

ABORTION partial birth



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So a lot of dem bigshots are figuring Plughead Biden to run for preezy. First, I think this is largely generated by media types who just want to stir the pot of political intrigue. You would be hard pressed to convince me that Killary would ever consider dropping out of the race because she has no expectation of being held accountable for her criminality. Just won’t believe it until I actually see it.

Secondly, the media frenzy over The Donald is completely understandable. He’s a walking highlight machine for the talking heads. Whether he can put together the grassroots effort to go out and knock on doors and organize the troops in every state remains to be seen. My feeling is that, although he’s like another Perot, playing on peoples’ frustrations, he offers no solutions that would actually work. If he were elected and tried to remove illegals and their children it would be a PR disaster. Every network would have cameras there to film the distraught parents and the screaming kids being forced into the ICE van. So far, immigration is the only issue he’s had a definitive opinion about. He has long advocated a 20% tariff on foreign goods, which would crush the economy. Bush tried it with foreign steel, remember? It seems to me he’s a little like poor Mikey Bloomberg who ran as a republican for mayor of NYC because there was less competition for the nomination. He never was and never would be any kind of republican. In much the same way Trump seems to be tacking right for the attention that he feeds on.

Still, a debate between The Donald and Plugs would be must-see TV. The brain would drown in hair jokes. I just remain unconvinced that either of them will make the final cut once the circus gets boring.










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Two reasons why socialism sucks

One, socialism “perverts the basis of social bonds.” 

Catholic Catechism on socialism

Two, it doesn’t work.

SOCIALISM people escape


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