Maybe They Need Another Vacation?

The Obamas are finally back from Martha’s Vineyard, and everyone looks rested and happy… Well, at least the Marine One honor guard is going to a happier place. With the economy and the stock market tanking today and the world falling apart, I can’t say I don’t envy him a little.
Original, unaltered photo stolen from Comrade Whoopie over at BlurBrain. No faces were altered in this classic image of family vacation bliss. Apologies to Pete, who posted the unaltered pic earlier in his daily post.


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3 responses to “Maybe They Need Another Vacation?

  1. “Well, the wi-fi kept going out at our $10 million mansion, I ordered my steak medium and it came back medium well, the ocean at our private beach was too cold and there was turbulence on our private helicopter flight.

    “God save me from this living hell!!”


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    I thought this is what all families with teen-agers looked like when they finally got home from vacation.