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Get right with God

  • January 22, 1973 (during Shemitah #819), the Supreme Court legalized the killing of unborn children.
  • June 26, 2015 (during Shemitah #825), the Supreme Court legalized same sex marriage.

Aug 11, 2015: Jonathan Cahn gives an important word for believers [13:22]

Pastor Cahn’s message is worth your time. His basic message to “GET RIGHT WITH GOD” and “BE ALL OUT FOR GOD” is the same and consistent message of Our Lady at Medjugorje.

2015_07 25 Ms Our Lady at Medj

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Sunday Sweetness

Toddler’s Priceless Reaction to Her First Summer Rain with Daddy!

Mouse on curb graffiti


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The Big Crisis, the one in which entire countries go bankrupt, has begun.

I pray all y’all are Rapture Ready.

Rapture Psalm 108

  1. In September 2001, the end of the Jewish Shemitah #823 coincided with the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings (the symbols of Americas economic strength) by Muslim terrorists. One week later Wall Street had one of its greatest collapses.
  2. In September 2008, the end of Jewish Shemitah #824 coincided with Wall Street’s largest decline. America is now the world’s largest debtor nation.
  3. In September 2015, the end of Jewish Shemitah #825 will be followed by the fourth Blood Moon in the current tetrad.

According to the articles linked below, all of the so-called economic recovery since 2009 has been based on the Central Banks’ ability to successfully play Keynsian craps with the global economy.

These banks are starting to come up with sevens. In 2013, the Bank of Japan nearly broke its bond market. A month or so ago, China’s First Central Bank lost control of its stock market.

With the Fed and other Central banks now leveraged well above 50-to-1, it’s only a matter of months before the whole world’s economy comes up snake eyes.


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President Petty Pants’ latest cheap shot

2015_08 05 President Petty Pants strikes again

Greta Van Susteren on Obama’s petty and embarrassingly unpresidential behavior


Barack Obama has little history of ‘reaching out across the aisle’ By Warner Todd Huston – Oct 15, 2008

Full text: August 5, 2015 Obama speech at American University about the Iran nuclear deal


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Planned Parenthood: Because Lynching is for Amateurs

Sanger and eugenics

Sanger and KKK

Mike Wallace Interviews Margaret Sanger – 1957


Seven shocking quotes from PP founder Margaret Sanger

Klan Parenthood: Because Lynching is for Amateurs

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The Moral Alchemy of Legal Abortion

It turns trash into gold with a single breath.

ABORTION trash to gold

The Most Important Question About Abortion – Prager University [5:19]


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