Liberals and Democrats drink more

2015_07 Lefties drink more



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2 responses to “Liberals and Democrats drink more

  1. That’s nothing. From my experience, the revealing questions would be:

    1. I frequently lie about how much booze I drink. D: 95% R: 20%
    2. I frequently lie about whether I’m still using illegal drugs. D: 97% R: 0.3%
    3. I was drunk the last time I voted. D: 115% R: 1.5%
    4. Also, I was technically voting with a dead guy’s name. D: 32% R: 0%
    5. When you drink, which scenario fits you best:
    A. With family and friends over pleasant conversation: D: 0.9% R: 92%
    B. What’s pleasant conversation? D: 99.6% R: 0.4%
    C. Restraining orders usually result. D: 89% R: 12%