Sex change regret: A trail of misery

People who suffer from gender confusion are encouraged by the current cultural climate to reject the gender they were born with. Is that the best thing for them? Or is Satan once again using “tolerance” as a means to destroy God’s children?

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention found that over 41% of active “transgender” people try to kill themselves. That’s ten times the national average. A dozen other surveys worldwide have found the same alarmingly high suicide rates.

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The transgender lobby suppresses transgender regret stories as much as the abortion lobby suppresses abortion regret stories. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there.

Alan “Helen” Finch says, “Giving surgery to someone desperate to change sex is a bit like offering liposuction to an anorexic.”

Tennis champion Renée Richards (born Richard Raskins) is hailed at Wikipedia as “a role model and spokesperson for the transgender community. He/she wrote, “I would have been better off staying the way I was – a totally intact person[.] … I don’t want anyone to hold me out as an example to follow[.] … I get a lot of letters from people who are considering having this operation … and I discourage them all.”

Transgendered Regret: Sex Change ‘Fixed Nothing’ [6:37]

Transgenders Faith - Heyer

Transgender finds God, regrets sex change. [3:00]


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